This blog describes the progress of gscept‘s (which is a part of LuleĆ„ tekniska universitet) fork of the version 3 of the Nebula Device that used to be developed by Radon Labs.
We are a group of researchers, programmers, and graphics artists that have a long history with the Nebula game engine and decided after the end of Radon Labs to continue developing the engine and use it in our research and education.

Our current goals are to keep it up to date and adding new components we can use both in our educations and research. So far we have rewritten the rendering pipeline to use OpenGL 4.3. We do have a DirectX 11 version as well, but it is no longer being updated and probably dysfunctional by now as we focus completely on the OpenGL variant.

We have implemented a fairly complete content pipeline with graphical import tools and a leveleditor and are currently working on putting it all on github

We intent to publish the engine open source in a similar fashion as Radon Labs used to do. We are always looking for developers, so if you want to join our efforts to bring one of the best open source game engines out there out of the shadows and in its rightful place, feel free to contact us!