Fun with the content tools and other updates

We have been busy lately as our game projects will be starting up soon. General updates have been a bit slow but here is a short recap about what happened in the last months:

We implemented full linux support for both Nebula and the toolchain. There are some minor issues with the math library that is currently based on bullets vectormath and some of our own code, I think some matrix  functions are a bit off, but other than that everything works as expected. That obviously means that the OpenGL4 renderer has become the primary render engine now. Some other libraries have seen integration as well as for example support for  Havok (only windows due to licensing limitations) and Recast&Detour.

Apart from that there are obviously piles of all fixes everywhere, but mostly to the toolchain, namely the leveleditor and the contentbrowser.

Samuel has had some fun with the tools and took some screencasts while experimenting


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