Tool updates

Apart from finally releasing the core engine on github we have of course been busy with the tools, working on streamlining the ui and making it more usable in general. Both major editors have received facelifts like dockable widgets and attribute editors that consume less space. The content browser has received support for browsing (and playing) sound, previewing ui layouts, resource browsers for textures.

The leveleditor has support for layers, selecting what ui layouts and sounds to preload, game entities can be transformed to other entity classes and environment entities and vice versa. On top of all that it is possible to drag and drop items between the two programs.



    • johannes

      For building visual studio 2008 and up should work, as well as any current version of GCC. You will need to get hold of a version of qt 4.X for your compiler of choice, same goes for the FBX SDK and FMod Studio. For actually running it you will need a graphics card with support for OpenGL 4.2 or higher.

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