New Domain and Name

As you may have noticed, we have moved the page to a new domain and have started on writing/collecting documentation. We are still working on a release but due to changed priorities it got delayed a bit. I hope to be able to finally wrap up the release in the upcoming month, but this time no promises. One of the main reasons holding everything back is demo content, we don’t have any suitable demo game/project to release along with the SDK, and since current documentation is either a bit outdated or incomplete, it would make it a bit hard to get started if you haven’t worked with any incarnation of Nebula before.

Apart from the new Domain we also decided to changed the name of our fork. The last release of the Nebula3 SDK from Radon Labs and our version have diverged considerably with respect to tools, file formats, and the whole pipeline, that we figured we should use a new name to avoid confusion. Our version will be called Nebula Trifid from now on, keeping the to the space theme. For those that are interested, the trifid nebula is a specific nebula located in the Sagittarius constellation.