Release soon.

The time has finally come to working on the public release of our Nebula3 version. In the true spirit of when Andre still worked at Radonlabs we will release our work on N3 with the same 2 clause BSD license. We were thinking of integrating some of the things we are working on first, but if you continue on that road you will never release anything, so we decided to go ahead and just release and keep working after that. There are still some things in the pipeline, as a fully working OpenGL4 port (using AnyFX that Gustav is working on), a fully working Havoc integration (mostly done) and a rewrite of the network layer.

Currently most of the work left is cleaning up random code, adding proper copyright/license stuff, revamping the build system a bit so that it is a bit more newcomer friendly and above all create some nice demos with content we have created here. Should be done by next week hopefully, so be ready!

And in other news, glad midsommar! ;D


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